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Post operative adjustable breast implants are one of several options for breast augmentation patients. Patients can enjoy numerous benefits with post operative adjustable implants, including elevated breasts for up to six months after plastic surgery. When considering what type of implants might work best for you, it may be wise to consult with your cosmetic surgeon about the risks and benefits of post operative adjustable implants.

The following are some of the benefits of post operative adjustable breast implants:

  • Less pressure to determine size of breast implant prior to the breast augmentation procedure
  • Greater control over size of implants and results of surgery
  • Easier to achieve symmetry

The Adjustable Breast Implants NJ Procedure

The surgical techniques used for post operative adjustable implants are similar to those of non adjustable breast augmentation techniques. The surgery is performed on an outpatient setting under a general anesthetic. Post operative adjustable breast implants may be placed under the breast tissue or muscle and inserted through an incision in the:

  • Breast fold
  • Areola
  • Armpit


What makes this procedure different from other breast augmentation techniques is that the surgeon will also implant a tube and an injection dome under the skin. This will allow the doctor to add or remove saline through a syringe after surgery to increase or decrease breast volume. Adjusting is done at a routine office visit and involves a tiny needle that’s smaller then what you use for a blood test. In many cases a surgeon will recommend that post operative adjustable implants be filled incrementally with small amounts of saline at a time to allow the tissues to expand and decrease the risk of complications. When the post operative adjustable implants have been filled to their desirable size, the tube and injection dome can be easily removed through a very small incision.

Adjustable breast implants have a very simple design that allows for elevation and reshaping the breast to provide a very youthful, natural appearance and provides the patient with the option to continue to make adjustments for up to six months after their surgery.

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