Eye Rejuvenation – Upper Blepharoplasty, Lower Blepharoplasty

blepharoplasty nj

Blepharoplasty, commonly known as cosmetic eyelid surgery, addresses the visible signs of aging, gravity’s effects, hereditary factors, and lifestyle choices in the eye area. This procedure remains one of the top five surgical cosmetic procedures, despite the emergence of more minimally invasive techniques, such as new injectable wrinkle fillers, which offer an alternative approach and can delay the need for surgeries like blepharoplasty.

Before opting for blepharoplasty, some individuals choose injectable fillers to reduce wrinkles and fill under-eye hollows. These treatments are temporary, and for more permanent and dramatic results, blepharoplasty may be considered. This surgical procedure effectively removes baggy lower eyelids and droopy upper lids, resulting in a rejuvenated and youthful appearance.

The Ideal Eyelid Surgery Candidate

Ideal candidates for blepharoplasty may have excess upper eyelid skin that obscures the natural fold, or experience puffiness and loose skin. It’s also beneficial for those with lower eyelids showing excess skin, fine wrinkles, or bags. Dr. Boss will assess each patient’s unique needs and facial features to determine the most suitable method and approach for their eyelid surgery.

blepharoplasty nj Dr. Boss
blepharoplasty nj Dr. Boss

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