Breast Reduction Surgery by Boss MD Plastic Surgery.

Breast reduction surgery can reduce the size and weight of breasts and are typically done for medical reasons rather than cosmetic purposes. In fact, most insurance companies will cover the costs related to the procedure when breast reduction surgery is considered medically necessary.

Breast reduction may be an ideal procedure for women who have suffered physical and psychological problems related to the size and weight of their breasts.

Some of the following physical problems are experienced by women with oversized breasts:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Skin irritation
  • Skeletal deformities
  • Shoulder indentations

Who are good candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Good candidates are women who are in good physical and emotional health with a realistic understanding of the procedure. Breast reduction is ideal for women who have finished developing, although sometimes appropriate for teenage patients. Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding, or plan to do so, may not be good candidates.

Breast reduction procedures are performed under general anesthesia. The plastic surgeon will make an incision along the breast fold and up around the nipple. The surgeon will excise the extra skin and fat from the area. The nipple will also be re-positioned appropriately during the procedure.

Utilizing the scar less breast reduction technique, Dr. Boss is able to make small incisions that are hidden in the creases under the breasts, allowing for the insertion of the cannulas, which then displace fat to reduce the size of the breast.



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