Laser Neck Lift by Boss MD Plastic Surgery.

A neck lift may be a desirable cosmetic surgery option for people who wish to enhance the appearance of the neck and jawline. Obesity, aging, genetics, and a medical condition known as retrognathia (which causes the jawline to recede) are all factors that can lead to a diminished appearance in the neck area. Fortunately, such imperfections can be corrected through a neck lift procedure.

While a neck lift is ideal for enhancing the aesthetic features of the face – it does not specifically target or rejuvenate the facial area. A neck lift can be performed alone or in conjunction with complementary procedures such as chin augmentation or a facelift to achieve a patient’s aesthetic goals.

The Neck Lift Procedure

A neck lift is typically performed on an outpatient basis under a general anesthetic so that the patient is asleep during the procedure. A cervicoplasty is performed first to remove excess skin in the neck area. The muscles of the neck are then altered through a small incision made under the chin. This is called platysmaplasty. Any fat in the area can be reduced via liposuction through the same incisions used to manipulate the skin and muscles. Neck lift procedures generally take between two and three hours to complete.



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