Complex Hernia Repair by Boss MD Plastic Surgery.

Cited as one of America’s Top Surgeons by such prestigious authorities as the Consumer’s Research of America and the Guide to America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Boss is no stranger to complex surgeries. When it comes to hernia repair, Dr. Boss has had the opportunity to manage the care of patients whose hernias have reoccurred despite multiple surgeries. Using his more than two decades of experience and innovative approaches to surgery, Dr. Boss is able to treat patients other doctors have claimed are beyond repair.

“When I am speaking about hernias, I am talking about a very complex type of hernia repair,” says Dr. Boss. “Often times, these hernias are complicated by infection and foreign bodies of mesh. These hernias have been operated before on multiple occasions, with one of our patients stating that she had over 25 surgical procedures before she came under our care and we were able to reconstruct her abdomen. We have had patients that other surgeons have referred and we successfully reconstructed the abdominal wall and the hernia, giving the patient better abdominal strength, less pain, less discomfort, and usually better digestion.”

Dr. Boss uses a team approach to perform these complex surgeries, operating with several general surgeons who are also skilled in laparoscopic surgery. Specifically, Dr. Boss regularly performs these procedures with a team at Englewood Hospital, which includes the Bergen Laparoscopic group of Dr. Ibraham, Dr. Strain, or Dr. Morales, and a team of general surgeons at Hackensack, Valley Hospital, and Pascack Valley Hospital including Dr. Sara Dayal, Dr. Thomas Alborn, Dr. Douglas Benson, Dr. Douglass Benson, and Dr. Melissa Bagoo.

The surgery includes a plastic surgeon who is familiar with muscle flaps and is able to move the muscles and their fascia over the hernia defect. Dr. Boss also makes use of natural allograft tissue rather than foreign bodies of nylon and other materials that have a higher incidence of infection. The procedure usually takes between 3 and 4 hours and the patient is usually in the hospital for 2 to 4 days.* The patient’s activity is limited for about 4 to 6 weeks and the patient usually can resume exercise activities in about 3 months.



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