Rejuvenator For Men: Unleash your body’s power to rejuvenate itself from within!

rejuvenator_logoIntroducing The Rejuvenator, a unique non-surgical treatment plan that treats the factors that age the skin and face. The Rejuvenator utilizes state of the art technologies with your body’s own cells and growth factors to create natural and long lasting results that will make you look years younger.

This unique approach to rejuvenation uses minimally invasive techniques to correct the underlying conditions associated with aging. With our customized approach, The Rejuvenator treatment program has yielded dramatic results in age related skin conditions.

The Rejuvenator stimulates your skin to refresh, tighten and tone in order to restore a more youthful appearance.  The procedure rebuilds collagen in the skin to promote elasticity. With the use of energy and heat, the skin produces new collagen which results in younger, firmer skin, while radio frequency and Ultrasound technology tighten the skin. Results are enhanced with micro needling and specialized serums tailored to your skin’s needs. A customized home skin care regimen is also recommended for maintenance.

The Rejuvenator combats many factors that age the skin including, sun damage, pigmentation, wrinkles, loss of volume, elasticity and sagging skin.

Treatments can be performed in the office in under an hour with little to no downtime. The Rejuvenator is a customized and individualized program that can achieve outstanding results.

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