The figure you want—the way you want.

truSculpt iD offers a personalized, non-surgical body sculpting solution that is both comfortable and reliable. It is clinically proven to permanently eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas like the abdomen and reduce the circumference of the flanks. Remarkably, these results can be achieved in just a 15-minute treatment, making truSculpt iD a convenient option for those seeking body definition, even in areas resistant to diet and exercise.

Understanding truSculpt:

  • truSculpt works through noninvasive radiofrequency heating that targets and destroys fat cells.

Comparison with CoolSculpting:

  • Both truSculpt and CoolSculpting eliminate approximately 24-26% of fat cells under the skin, with CoolSculpting using a freezing method and truSculpt utilizing heat.

Key Differences:

  • truSculpt is painless
  • It also tightens skin due to the heat.
  • A single treatment is often sufficient.
  • truSculpt can treat larger areas
  • The treatment session is shorter than CoolSculpting.

Expected Changes Post-truSculpt Treatment:

  • Typically, there’s at least a 1-inch reduction in waist size, developing gradually over 4-6 months.

Repeat Treatments:

  • truSculpt can be repeated, often at a reduced price.

Resuming Activities:

  • Normal activities and exercise can usually be resumed the next day.

Cost Comparison with RFAL:

  • truSculpt is generally about half the price of RFAL. However, RFAL may offer more immediate and dramatic results.

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